Almali in  "Al-Eslah"  launched his summer activities  "something wondrous"
  • 2020-07-25

Almali in "Al-Eslah" launched his summer activities "something wondrous"

With the participation of 200 students from the preparatory and secondary levels from different regions of Bahrain, Almali in Al-Eslah Society recently launched its summer activity under the slogan "something wondrous" which includes many programs and activities to communicate remotely in compliance with the precautionary measures taken during this period. Mr. Mohammad Imran, Vice President of Al-Mali in Al-Eslah Association stated that this year’s activity was specially designed to suit the current conditions, where an “integrated box” was prepared creatively, which contains tools and interactive programs for all programs, was delivered to students in their homes, where the student can Through the contents of the fund and through communication via modern means of communication participating in summer activity and interacting with all of its programs. Omran added that the activity extends to six weeks by five days per week, and the activities vary between recreational, cultural and faith, in addition to sports challenges mixed with the nature of competition. It also includes a variety of intellectual cultural curricula that aim to develop thought and scientific and intellectual skills, raise the faith and cultural aspect, and cultivate the student’s personality with the help of modern social media.

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