• 2020-10-26

Al Eslah Society Statement On the French President’s insults of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

Al Eslah Society strongly condemns the remarks of Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic of France, commenting on the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH); and his preceding statements at the United Nations describing Islam as a “religion in crisis all over the world". These statements, which have gone beyond what Macron's claimed to be part of France's firm belief in freedom of expression, embody a clear incitement to offend a great religion which is believed by nearly two billion adherents, literally about a quarter of the world's population, and a clear attack on a great prophet venerated by Muslims all over the world, including approximately six million Muslims in France. This blatant incitement has shortly enraged hatred within the French nation due to these unwise statements and regrettably came from a leader who is supposed to unite the categories of the community, but he insisted to show his true face by accusing the pure Islam, and the holy prophet of Islam, of provocations he himself is guilty of, as if apparent aim is to disrupt the good relationship between the Islamic communities who live in tranquillity with all nations of the western countries , in addition to insulting Islam and Muslims. It is disgusting and surprising that such offensive statements against Islam came, without shame, from the Head of the French state. Had we intended to count, we could list dozens of examples from France’s modern-day history in contrary to Macron’s allegations to describe France as the guard of secularism, enlightenment and freedom of expression. To mention the least, from the millions of victims killed by the French colonial armies in various parts of the world, including nearly ten million martyrs in Algeria alone during the colonial rule of France over Algeria, as confirmed by Algerian and French sources, to depriving the French Muslim women from their most basic rights as to exercise the right to freedom of dress. The arrogant discourse about Islam and its teachings, while pretending to be tolerant, no longer fools the western nations, let alone the Islamic nations, at a time the enlightened thought of Islam is spreading among the European nations beyond the legal barriers and limitations. If the world was fair, Macron and France should be demanded to apologize for their dark history in the occupied countries, instead of this brazen insult to the religion of Islam. Since its advent, the true Islam shows keenness to co-existing with others with ease and kindness, observing good neighborhood through legislations and traditions, and respecting the character of opponents and never imposed Islamic rulings on non-Muslims; but rather Islam guarantees the protection of their properties, families, rights and practice their own religion. The history of Islam in this domain is the brightest history on the earth, and the evidences are more than to sum up in a few lines. We hope if France and other pretenders of enlightenment and secularism could be close, even from afar, to the approach and tolerance of Islam. Al Eslah Society calls upon the Islamic Ummah to take a unified stance against the provocative statements made by Macron, and to overcome the state of division and disagreement among the Islamic Ummah at the level of states and nations. Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) are symbols of unification that unite the entire Ummah, which must rise above the political differences and temporary state of affairs. We call upon Arab and Islamic governments to act on all legal, diplomatic and economic levels to respond to the recurrent insults by the French President against Islam and the Prophet of Islam. As for the public level, we call on all Muslim nations to support the Prophet (PBUH), and the religion of Islam, and to turn the prejudice of those preaching hate against Islam – at the local or global level – into an opportunity to demonstrate tolerance and its manifestation in Islam, explain the Islamic history, refute the slanderers/calumnies of enemies, and refrain from pointless arguments, mutual sterile insults on social media, and to rise up to the level of the challenges facing the true Islam, and to be models that reflect the true image of Islam in all fields inside and outside their countries. Finally, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Islam itself, needs no defense from anyone, neither Muslims nor others, Allah Almighty has ensured the preservation of his religion, and promised to proclaim it over all religion, even though the pagans may detest (it). Allah also Has Taken upon Himself to defend His Prophet (PBUH), He Says: “And Allah will defend thee from men (who mean mischief); He also Says: “Allah will suffice thee (for defence) against them.” And the Almighty Says: “Truly! We will suffice you against the scoffers.” Essentially we, Muslims, need to defend Islam and the prophet of Islam (PBUH) as part of our feeling proud of this religion since Allah Honors us by the Glory of Islam, and to support His Prophet (PBUH) who brought us out from [the] darkness into [the] light, and keep the torch of pride and dignity burning in our souls and in our children's souls, at a time it is seemingly fading due to the insolence of frivolous and aggression of persons of little value. After all, we need to excuse to Allah who Says: “If ye help him not, still Allah helped him”. He Who mobilizes us is Allah the Rich (The need-free) Who Says: “If ye turn back (from the Path), He will substitute in your stead another people; then they would not be like you!”. Kingdom of Bahrain Rabi` al-Awwal 8, 1441 AH October 25, 2020 God is great and glory to Islam.

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