Youth Forum of  "Aleslah" is organized The sixth edition of the "Tasami" program
  • 2020-10-22

Youth Forum of "Aleslah" is organized The sixth edition of the "Tasami" program

The Youth Forum at Aleslah Association recently organized its annual program "Tasami" to qualify students coming to the university stage in its sixth edition this year (remotely) through social media, in line with the current circumstances. The program included personal interviews with the participating students, in addition to live broadcasts through an account. The Instagram forum for each specialty was presented separately by a group of specialists in their fields, who presented an overview of the specialization, the nature of the study, and the market need for this specialization. Where Dr. Bassam Al-Hamad presented his experience in personal interviews, and the graduate student Abdul Qadir Khonji presented his experience in student work during his university career, and then began the offers of specialists, including Muhammad Janahi in the management of financial and banking business, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Atawi in Sharia, and Dr. Adnan Boumataa in the media, Dr. Raed Al-Jowder in engineering, Dr. Hisham workers in information technology, and graduate student Abdul Qadir Al-Awadi in the Teachers College, and some of the undergraduate students also presented their experience in how to adapt to university life and learn about student work in universities generally.

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