Student sector in "Aleslah" Al-Muharraq branch Spring camp  is organized (you're the man)
  • 2022-03-08

Student sector in "Aleslah" Al-Muharraq branch Spring camp is organized (you're the man)

The student sector of the Al-Muharraq Branch Aleslah Society recently organized the spring camp for the middle and secondary levels , which was entitled " you're the man " at the Janbia Youth Center and over a period of four days (22 to 25 January 2022) and received the participation of 30 students and administrators, and the camp included recreational, maharia, educational and cultural paragraphs.
The program was celebrated with a number of motor games through the jewel paragraph as well as the Iron Man paragraph, which relied on strengthening the physical aspects of the students, and also meant that participants were given professional and professional skills by creating a wooden box using the appropriate tools available with the help and supervision of the program's supervisors.
Participants were included in groups that each group named one the four names (Abdullah bin Omar, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Zubair and Abdullah bin Amr bin al-As) with study their exploits and lessons learned from them.
Participants also visited The Star Sports Club, the Badal game and the football league. The camp ended with a ceremony in the presence of the head of the Al-eslah Branch of the Muharraq, Mr. Jassim Mohammed, who praised the efforts made in taking out the camp in these honorable images and honored the participating students and administrators. At the end of the camp's activities, participants expressed their admiration for its program and its diverse paragraphs, while the parents praised the camp and its impact on their children and wished to continue to establish and replicate such events.

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