Women's Work Directorate

The women's work in AlEslah Society started in conjunction with the opening of the first Quran memorization center for girls in 1976 and then the women's center in 1982, which later developed into women's work directorate that oversees various committees and projects.

The Women's Work Directorate is concerned with the planning and implementation of the programs of AlEslah Society directed at the women's sector inside and outside the Society. It aims to spread Islamic awareness among all women in the community through programs and lessons all over the year / throughout the year.

The directorate organizes activities for girls and women in the field of upbringing, education, culture and entertainment out of its vision based on the social and economic advancement of women to integrate them in the process of the comprehensive development of society and build their integrated personality within the framework of the Islamic values system. It aims to develop the spirit of voluntary work among Muslim women, spread the principles and provisions of Islam, educate the community thereof and develop women's volunteer talents in various fields.

The Directorate also develops annual plans in all branches of the Society in the fields of social and missionary work and plays a leading role in spreading religious awareness and solving social and economic problems among community classes. The activities are organized for girls and young women in the preparatory, secondary and university levels throughout the year and include pedagogic, educational and recreational activities, as well as seminars, courses and camps.

It is also interested in the children's upbringing, educating those who are about to get married and the family. In this framework, it organizes educational and family courses.


1. Educating the women's community in the Kingdom of Bahrain about values, thought, culture and Islamic teachings.

2. Effective communication with the women's community through diwaniyas, mosques and mass events on a continuous basis in religious occasions and national celebrations.

3. Educating and guiding the Muslim family as well as directing them to maintain their stability and building their members properly.

4. Activating cooperation with working Islamic women committees and civil society institutions in order to undertake their developmental, charitable and awareness-raising roles.

5. Improving the skills of women cadres in accordance with planned and developed courses and programs to serve the role of women in performing their mission in the community.


1. Leadership of Muslim women in various social fields.

2. Communicating with and serve the various segments of the women community through organizing events that keep pace with change in the community.

3. Qualifying youth women capacities able to serve the community and the nation in the various fields.

4. Increasing the number of members qualified to manage various areas of women's work.

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