AlEslah for Family Guidance was established in May 2007. Since then, a number of activities and events were carried out. The opening of the headquarters was opened in June 2009 at a mass celebration under the patronage of the Minister of Social Development at that time, Dr. Fatima Bint Mohammed Al Balushi.

The opening of the project came within the framework of the Society’s interest in the Bahraini women and family, as a contribution of the Society to maintaining their stability and welfare through providing social, psychological and legal services to address family problems and face their manifestations.

This project seeks, under the supervision of specialized and qualified cadres, to achieve family stability through providing distinguished guidance services for all members of the family and the dissemination of concepts of family culture derived from the provisions of Islamic Sharia.


1) Rehabilitation of youth and girls for the phases before and after marriage.

2) Educating those who are about to marry about family rights and duties.

3) Dissemination of the concepts of true family culture in the light of the teachings and provisions of Islamic Sharia.

4) Achieving familiarity and closeness between couples and increasing family cohesion.

5) Creating a healthy family atmosphere for raising children in a sound social manner.

6) Examining the causes of marital and family differences and disputes and proposing appropriate solutions.

7) Reducing divorce rates in the Kingdom of Bahrain by reconciliation between couples.


1) Conducting a survey study to identify the main problems faced by families in the Kingdom of Bahrain and causes thereof.

2) Organizing meetings with specialists to propose appropriate solutions.

3) Developing a plan of action for educational preventive and remedial training programs.

4) Organizing lectures, seminars and specialized courses.

5) Receiving cases suffering from problems and studying each case separately in secret and private sessions to provide opinion, support and advice to alleviate their problems and resolving the disputes amicably without resorting to the courts.

6) Directing families to the sources of various social services in the Kingdom of Bahrain to take advantage of them in solving their problems and achieving wedded bliss and family cohesion.

7) Cooperation with internal and external organizations and entities active in the field of the social work.

Target group

• Those who are about to marry and all family members.

Work Approach

AlEslah for Family Guidance is based on two sides:

• A preventive side including lectures, courses and camps, sending SMS and sale and distribution of books and discs with family content.

• A therapeutic side including consultation provision.


1. Leadership and excellence in family directing and guidance according to the Islamic approach to instill familiarity and harmony among family members.

2. Launching an interactive developed website that contributes to the achievement of the objectives and mission of the project.

3. Increasing the number of qualified cadres to provide integrated guidance services.

4. Opening new branches serving all members of the family in different regions.

5. Rehabilitation of influential characters in society.

Contact Information:

  • 17322712
  • 17686090

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