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Productive Families by "Aleslah" The training workshop "Where do I start my own business?"

The Productive Families Center at AIeslah Association recently held a training workshop at its headquarters entitled: “Where do I start my commercial project?”, Presented by the entrepreneur and owner...

  • 2020-12-10

Women's Action on Reform is participating with a working paper At the Women and Social Responsibility Conference

The Women's Action Department of AL-eslah Association participated on 10/10/2020 in the Conference on Women and Social Responsibility in the Arab Countries, which was held under the patronage of Shei...

  • 2020-10-14

Women’s Work Department in Aleslah Wins the Community Committed Arab Foundation Award

Aleslah Association represented by the Department of Women's Action won the “Arab Society Commitment Award for the year 2020” organized by the Women's Center for Social Responsibility, a member of the...

  • 2020-10-11